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At NOA Production our goal is to deliver the best possible service for the lowest possible price, to anybody needing high quality video production, satellite uplink, down links, or web streaming from the beautiful Hawaiian Islands.

We provide a full production facility made up of 2 HD SNG trucks and 1 HD SNG Fly/Drive away, a 16′ production trailer and a gamut of production equipment. With this, we are free to roam anywhere in Hawaii, or the world, and provide award winning broadcast quality video.

Our team is made up of a group of very talented and skilled individuals. The award winning staff has been hand selected from around the world to be part of our crew. The highly skilled individuals have proven track records at the highest level of broadcast experience.NOA Pro is the first choice of media outlets to cover just about everything in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and the Hawaiian Islands.

Our award winning electronic news gathering and KU Band satellite uplink equipment and crews have covered a myriad of events such as:

Natural disasters

volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, and flash flooding

Sporting Events

Professional and collegiate

Promotional Junkets

Television and motion picture


Reagan campaign, Clinton campaign, Bush campaign, Perot campaign and President Obama campaign.

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Law Enforcement

Riots and police raids

Ocean Images

Over, In and Underwater video

Water Sports

Major Surfing, SUP and other Water Sport events


The Emmy Awards, The Oscar Award, The Billboard Awards, The American Music Awards. Concerts, Contests and Conventions

TV Ads

Television commercial creation and design


Military press releases, Medical surgery procedures and Memorable moments


2 HD SNG Trucks

1 HD SNG Fly/Drive Away

16′ Production Trailer

Vast Array of Production Equipment


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